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Planet and Moon

Studio Pandemonia

Gift of Virtue Clarity Deck

148 Card Deck inspired by wisdom traditions around the world! Explore the virtues of the zodiac and the elements, learn all about the project:

20221023_165524 copy.jpg

Stellar Fable Oracle Deck

80 Card Deck depicting constellations, each with a story to tell! This oracle deck comes with a guide booklet and in depth explanations.

Body Sense Feeling Deck

42 Card Deck exploring the Maps of Subjective feelings in the body. Each card features a hand painted illustration of a feelings neural map and body language, a quote from an eminent psychology expert and a link to their book for further study!


Rainbow Mandala Tapestry

54" Square printed polyester tapestry of our rainbow mandala design! Great as a wall hanging or altar cloth, also available in round format!

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