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The Sign of the Twins


The Gemini constellation is depicted as twins, Castor and Pollux, who are also stars making up their heads. They were great horsemen or horses who traveled the world together. One was divine, the was mortal, so Zeus allowed both to become immortalized in a constellation. Sometimes, they are depicted pulling the Chariot constellation, Auriga; before that, Taurus was depicted doing so, indicating a change from Oxen to Horses over time. Twin myths are common throughout the world, most involving a dynamic duo who travel the world fighting monsters, spreading wisdom, or aiding locals.

Thus, they represent the winds, which change direction, travel far, and pack light. Thus, Gemini signs are whimsical, changeable, adaptive, flexible, and never quite stay in one place. They can often lose themselves in various disparate personas.

The 20 days of Gemini range from Pride Week thru most of June to Father’s Day. The technical beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is a time of continued festivity and socialization. Following harvest in the Southern Hemisphere, its the beginning of Winter, a time to relax and feast on the fruits of their harvest.

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Air Sign

Sign of the Changing Winds

Gemini, the 1st Air sign in the Zodiac, represents Air in its most dynamic form. Just as the wind carries whispers of change and new beginnings, Gemini embodies the qualities of movement, versatility, and intellectual curiosity. They are the breath of fresh air that sweeps through life, bringing clarity, excitement, and constant motion. 

Like the wind that rustles through tree canopies, Geminians are naturally agile and adaptable. They effortlessly navigate through various social circles and environments, embracing diversity and the multitude of perspectives life has to offer. Their ever-curious minds crave stimulation and knowledge, making them avid learners and enthusiastic conversationalists.

The wind is known for its ability to disseminate information and ideas, and so is Gemini. They have a gift for conveying complex thoughts in an accessible manner. Their words can be like a gust of wind, carrying ideas far and wide. They are skilled at bringing people together, facilitating connections, and fostering intellectual discourse. 

They’re notorious for an elusive, changeable, and potentially dubious or duplicitous nature. While this versatility is a strength, it can also lead to a certain restlessness and inconsistency, as they constantly seek out novelties.

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Wisdom Sign

The Sign of Free Thought

Gemini is the 1st Wisdom or Mutable sign in the Zodiac. In physics the Wisdom signs correspond to the laws of electromagnetism. No need to run any experiments or memorize any equations, for our purposes we only need to glean the overall meaning of the law as it impacts our lives. For Gemini this is Gauss’s law of Polarity, which simply tells us that magnets have poles. The social implications of this are expressed in sayings like ‘opposites attract’, and while that isn’t a hard and fast law like those in physics, it is certainly an interesting way to visualize exchanges! This magnet metaphor does shine some light on the way that Gemini’s think and make sense of the world, which is through comparisons. Things are understood in terms of their opposites, and thus their voracious curiosity and thirst for knowledge are explained by an underlying need to have a wealth of data to correlate and put in terms of one another. 

Novel scenarios, though highly valued and desired, present a unique challenge for this Wisdom motivated sign, because their fundamental need to understand is at odds with their ability to accept things as they are. This might come off as tactless when it concerns other people and their emotions.  The combo of Air element and Wisdom motivation can manifest as especially dry when people need support rather than analysis. But Gemini dominates by having the right knowledge for the situation. This does sometimes lead to a tendency to catastrophize however, as they also speculate about what NOT to do and the worst case scenario. Anxiety can be crippling to an already over active mind, so care must be taken to get out of their head and ground frequently.

Discretion is often the better part of valor, and though sometimes Gemini might be overly cautious, on the verge of being paranoid, their conspiratorial thinking turns out to be correct often enough to take some heed to. They see connections in everything, and I imagine their mind must look like one of those crime drama boards with all the photos and post-it notes connected by little strings. Seeing the world this way affords them appreciation for otherwise seemingly inconsequential things, and hours of endless amusement from their own personal inside jokes. The kicker is to figure out how to let everyone else in on it too, and this is why communication is a double edged sword for them. They both excel at it, and struggle deeply, for their internal world is so well organized and mapped in a way that makes sense for them that it runs the risk of being difficult to then convey to others. 

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Ruled by Mercury

The Messenger


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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Gemini constellation or with a Gemini influence in their Star Chart tend to have an aura of genius. 

  • Fast, fastidious, curious, thoughtful, adaptive, changeable, creative, independent, cerebral

  • Overwhelmed, confused, compulsive, addictive, restless, forgetful, 

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

They have the keen ability to mirror just about anyone, which makes them possibly the most friendly and accommodating sign in the Zodiac. They don’t mirror necessarily for some need to be liked, to manipulate, or to merely be nice, but because they genuinely enjoy entertaining alternative perspectives. The best way they find to do so is to immerse themselves in shared experiences with others. Because they’re so skilled at taking different perspectives, they may also become disagreeable and critical devil’s advocates in certain situations, bringing outside perspectives to people who they might think are close-minded. They can be either very agreeable or very disagreeable. Which Gemini you get may depend on how interesting and unique your perspective is.

Needless to say, their preferred method of figuring people out and exchanging perspectives is conversation. Of course, Geminis are notorious for “talking too much,” but they see it as the most efficient way to gain experience and connect with others. They must learn to try other methods, get out of their comfort zones, and experience more life directly. It may not seem that such a sociable and open-minded sign would be so adverse to adventure, but alas, they often have a difficult time getting out of their own heads and social circumstances.

This also makes them perhaps the most sociable sign in the Zodiac, although they are also quite selective about who they consider true or real friends. Their diverse nature may devolve into notoriously duplicitous behavior, such as gossiping, flip-flopping, lying, and misleading the people around them. This may happen because they develop different personas for different people, or treat certain people differently from others. It’s important for Geminis to learn to integrate their many personalities and retain a consistent sense of self throughout all relationships.

Because of their multiple personalities and mirroring abilities, it’s easy for them to lose themselves in intimate relationships. Despite their desire for freedom and commitment issues, they actually tend to commit quite quickly and deeply to their relationships. However, maintaining those relationships is their real challenge. If they get really deep with their partner and lose perspective, they may eventually feel drowned or bored, longing to move on to something or someone different. In order for a Gemini to truly commit for the long haul, they require a free and open social environment surrounding any intimate relationship. Exclusivity, jealousy, and subsequent isolation fundamentally undermine the very soul of a Gemini. They may be easily pressured or shamed into committing themselves or settling down, but their soul only commits and is truly revealed when they’re free and uncaged. 

  • Expressive, congenial, involved, attentive, whimsical, suitable, sincere, authentic, honest, mutualistic, fair, empathetic, youthful, desirable, attractive, charming, earnest, witty

  • Flighty, nervous, shy, impatient, fickle, inconsistent, complicated, insincere, argumentative, anxious, avoidant, detached, disorganized, immature, childish, erratic, 

Social Life / Society

Rather than take things on faith, they prefer to reason themselves to a particular conclusion or course of action. Because of this, they often prefer more intellectual fields, and egalitarian work environments over more authoritative ones, regardless of their place in the hierarchy. They tend to lead discussions, brainstorms, and meetings quite well, but are not the kind of leader who directs others,  makes final decisions, or really even executes on those decisions. They are, however, often the glue which holds people together in a group, or a keynote member of that group.

  • Gifted, versatile, communicative, sociable, capable, popular, ingenious, intellectual, intelligent, inventive, innovative, witty, outspoken, defiant, articulate, admirable, idealistic, entertaining, opportunistic, progressive, constructive, astute, influential, 

  • Irresponsible, talkative, gullible, vain, disagreeable, confrontational, contrarian, disobedient, chaotic, high-strung, judgmental, erroneous, rash, optimistic, bossy, 

Archetypal Story of Gemini

Hook: Peter Pan is a fascinating archetype: the eternal boy who never grows up, battling against the crippling fear of mortality which grips so many grown ups and turns them down a dark resentful path. But a notable retelling about a return to Neverland takes this concept much farther, addressing the reintegration of the inner child not in opposition to aging but in service of it. Peter Banning is a burned out lawyer who is failing very hard in the ‘work-life balance’ department. After disappointing his son by not making it to his last baseball game of the season… which he has now missed entirely, the family heads to visit his wife’s grandmother in low spirits. Grandma’s have a way of making everything better, and the kids bounce back quickly in the novel environment though Jack remains salty towards his dad. The adults head off to a gala in grandma Wendy’s honor, but upon returning find the children have been kidnapped. A ransom note signed by Captain Hook forces Peter to face a past he has no memory of whatsoever: that he is Peter Pan.

After calling the police and worrying himself ragged, he sits in the kids room reevaluating his life choices and is confronted by Tinkerbell the fairy. She takes him to Neverland, trying to make him remember himself so he can rescue his kids from the pirates. He goes to the Lost Boys, and undergoes a variety of trials to prove his is Pan. Most of the boys come to recognize him, even in his adult form, but their leader Rufio who stepped up in Pan’s absence is not convinced and challenges him directly. Peter prevails, and they use magic and imagination to restore his abilities. In preparation for taking on Hook, they go on a scouting mission and find that Jack is actually warming up to the pirate life. Peter sees him play baseball with the crew as part of Hook’s plan to befriend him and turn him against his father, and is racked with guilt over his absence at the boy’s other games. 

Realizing he is not ready for the final assault, Tinkerbell intervenes and takes him down memory lane by showing him their old haunts. He realizes that he IS Pan, that he had lived here for a long time and had many adventures with the Lost Boys, but when he realized his love for Wendy and how much he missed her when she moved on and grew up, he resolved to grow up for her granddaughter and live a human life with her. He had forgotten all about Neverland as he got lost in work responsibilities, much as forgetting to consider his children brought him into the current predicament. He had not yet cultivated Integrity and found balance between these versions of himself. Through restoration of his memories, particularly of the birth of his children and their meaning to him, he is able to fly again and take on Captain Hook. They battle, and Jack is caught in the middle, coached to cultivate his resentment. Hook almost wins through his influence over the boy, but is devoured once again by the time ticking crocodile whose taxidermied body was tipped onto him by Peter. 

They return home from Neverland, and Peter steps down from his position, putting family over work and taking back his life. He realizes he is missing a magical time in their childhood and sets the priorities straight. Tinkerbell is heartbroken over the loss of Pan, but accepts this as the next step of his journey, giving him Vision. Her idealism of him helps build his confidence in uncovering his past, and he leaves her with a Strategy as the caretaker of Neverland. Rufio died heroically in the battle, telling Peter with his last breath that he wished he had a father like him, leaving his station to the next in line blessed by Pan. Their struggle is a metaphor for the never ending cycle of generality and specialization, as Pan literally means ‘all’. He is the spirit of possibility, threatened by the restriction of commitment and choice, but ultimately through making a decision a whole world of new possibilities opens up before him. We see this in his desire to be a father creating new life, and ways to reconnect to his childhood through playing with his kids. 


♊︎ Gemini

Communication Tech, Online Education, Cyber Integrity

Have you ever had to do a group project at school? The story plays out like like a theater production, everyone playing their roles: the tryhard teacher’s pet who does the majority of the work, the ‘double dipper’ people who try to find a way to work in work they have already done on other projects, the slacker who ghosts out of the whole thing and shows upon the due date to take part in the credit… or, if your group is lucky, there is the one staying on top of messages, making time tables, and rallying everyone together to actually put in a team effort. Gemini is tasked with telling a better story, setting a better course for the future through education, communication, and developing effective tools to connect and collaborate. Their mission involves facilitating interaction between all of the other factions; documenting and then clearly representing what is happening in the world. Creative visualizations for abstracting data, portraying committee proposals and findings in a compelling way, and innovative multimedia experiences make up what might be considered the deliverables for their team. In the professional sphere, software development is a core activity, as well as developing better equipment for gathering and storing data. 


Gemini is charged with overhauling education and making it freely available online to everyone in the world, which is no small task, but in a lot of ways the success in all other areas hinges upon our ability to share information and learn. Barriers around the world keep people in poverty by denying them educational opportunity, access to information and techniques to develop streams of income for themselves, but with a concerted effort those can start to be broken down.  We will need to work quickly on not only compiling a body of resources that are actually useful rather than the piles of ads, propaganda, and mindless drivel that make up the vast majority of the internet we currently have, but also translate that into a world of languages. In this arena Gemini deals with communication, translation, cataloging, content creation, and networking in a very straightforward way. Luckily this is one area that has really thrived amidst the technological surge while other sectors are suffering, but it has its own challenges of having to wade through lots of nonsense to get down to the truth. If we leverage the head start we have been granted to start accumulating high quality educational materials we can achieve a great amount of change in a short amount of time. 


Communication technology, online education and cyber integrity are the core charges.  We dedicate so many of our tech resources to digital security issues surrounding personal information and money, but it will be interesting to see how those are better allocated in the future when such concerns fall by the wayside. The notion of ‘integrity’ rather than laser focus on anti-hacking security will come to encompass both protection of individual privacy and also crack down on the inundation of lies, propaganda, and inflammatory headlines aka. ‘clickbait’. When news reporting is held accountable for holding truth as the highest goal rather than trying to pump out as much clickbait, derisive messages, and fear mongering as they can, the entire landscape of the internet as we know it will be radically altered. Without the pressure of money, would people be as eager to degrade and demean themselves, and violate their values in the name of profit? Convergent with extension of education, journalism will also fall under the jurisdiction of Gemini, and what that comes to look like in the future will hopefully be something which enriches instead of numbs. The futuristic holo billboards of the dystopian future movies will hopefully be left behind with the bad dad shiny shirts and flying deloreans. 


The vision looks something like a global network of information and communication, and this is a bit confusing because we already have this version of the internet already, but I speculate that in the near future the internet won’t look anything like this. Looking back on when the internet was young, we are a world apart from that, so I think shortly it will evolve into something even more spectacular.  And beyond all the programming components, in the physical reality we also need to tackle the challenge of making wifi free and available to everyone on earth and get rid of the extraneous energy usage that we sink into server computers and maintaining things that are a total waste of time. Yes, I love video games as much as the next person, but if we are being honest the ones that we have are hopelessly outdated and we have really plateaued with what they are, and what they do. Because of market demands and limitations, these experiences are really built around and cater to some really stupid criteria. They aren’t actually educational, fulfilling, or meaningful, the user has to really cobble together their own fun as if they were playing in a sandbox. The games of the future will be very different, instead of fighting this instinct they will give users more power than ever to design, innovate, and play.  Already with virtual reality there are exciting possibilities opening up with sculpting, hopefully we see tools and interfaces continuing to improve in a way that will help all of the other teams in their missions as well.

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