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The Sign of the Corvids


The Corvus constellation represents the virtues of awareness, especially of time. Corvids, including Crows, Ravens, and Magpies, to name a few, are intelligent, perceptive, and clever. Likewise, Corvus signs are observant, dutiful, and charming. Comfortable with darkness, they’re adept at integrating shadows.


The 10 Days of Corvus ranges through the end of September. 

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Dust Sign

Corvus, the 2nd Dust sign in the Zodiac, represents the Soil, which is fertilized by cycles of decay, death, and rebirth for generations. Corvus signs recognize the inherent value of natural cycles in the transformations of life over time. They understand that the end of one phase is the beginning of another.

Like dark, fertile soil that can support a wide array of life forms, they can get along with almost anyone, and inevitably develop complementary skills that anyone would value. They can also transform adversity into growth, and adapt themselves to face any challenge. Their understanding of the cycles of life allows them to navigate the complexities of existence with equal parts reason and faith. 

In the presence of Corvus, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of all things and the cyclical nature of existence. They inspire us to embrace the transformative power of life's cycles, finding beauty and wisdom in both the process of growth and the inevitability of change. Corvus signs, like the fertile soil, hold the key to nurturing the seeds of potential within ourselves and cultivating a deeper understanding of the intricate tapestry of life.

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Good Sign

Corvus, the 2nd Good sign in the Zodiac, embodies the many perks and virtues of Awareness. This heightened sense of self-awareness that allows Corvus signs to navigate life with Good intentions. They’re keen observers of their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, striving to align their actions with their values. 

Their awareness extends beyond the self, as they develop a sophisticated Conscience, anticipating the needs of others with tact. They are skilled at reading between the lines and picking up on subtle cues, making them incredibly empathetic and understanding people to meet. Their ability to see into people enables them to offer valuable support and guidance to those around them.

Corvus signs remind us of the importance of slowing down, taking a breath, and tuning into the current moment.

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Corvus constellation between Virgo and Libra tend to have an aura of awareness about them. They have the perceptivity of a Virgo and the temperance of a Libra. Their observation skills are evident at every stage of life; perceiving the nuances in their environments, social situations, and intellectual pursuits. 

  • Curious,, independent, consistent

  • Lonely, passive

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

They’re excellent listeners.

  • Dedicated, attentive, reliable, supportive, helpful, 

  • Isolated, boring, quiet, detached, distant, avoidant, resentful, unforgiving, 

Social Life / Society

Corvus signs are often seen as guides and mentors, offering their profound knowledge to help others navigate their own paths of growth and transformation.

  • Interesting, intelligent, skillful, hardworking, perfectionistic, 

  • Sensational, workaholic, critical, negative, morbid.

Archetypal Story of Corvus

Phil Connors is a TV weatherman who clearly hates his job, life, and pretty much anyone he comes into contact with. The deeply cynical man is sent to cover the event of Groundhog Day for his station; an American tradition where a rodent known as ‘Puxatawny Phil’ is superstitiously used as a weather prediction device. According to tradition, if the groundhog comes out of its hole on this day and sees its shadow, it gets scared and runs back into its burrow, predicting six more weeks of winter weather; no shadow means an early spring. 

The inaccuracy of this method is mirrored in Phil’s own prediction of clear weather for his trip, which turns out to be disastrously wrong. A blizzard traps him in the town on an assignment he already loathed, but the metaphor is extended as he is stuck not only in space but time. His avoidant tendencies are pushed to their breaking point as he wakes the next morning and discovers it is still Febuary 2nd. 

Through this time-loop, he repeats iterations of the day, struggling to find an exit, playing out every possibility that comes to mind, and finding himself washed of consequences in the next morning. Early on, his judgemental, spiteful character flaws dominate his actions. Knowing he cannot get in trouble, he indulges in hedonistic fantasies, acts of cruelty, and wild stunts. 

Eventually, boredom sets in, he accepts his fate, and becomes depressed, attempting suicide in a few different ways, but always waking up again. He tried using all of his knowledge about the town and its residents to manipulate them and find him prophetic, but finally, he tried using it to help them instead. He found that he was able to prevent accidents, and as he began treating his predicament as a blessing instead of a curse, he found he had infinite time to develop skills, learn new things, and work on himself.

Through all of this, one resident of Puxatawny named Rita has been the focus of Phil’s attention. He attempts to seduce her numerous times, through guile, performativity, or abuse of his time-loop knowledge, but he continues to wake up alone. Through spending all of this time together, he truly gets to know her, and falls sincerely in love with her, but each day she forgets all about him. 

Finally, he goes through a perfect day, performing little acts of kindness, becoming the talk of the town, and word gets through the grapevine to Rita, from whose perspective this is a 180-degree change in character. When she confronts him, he explains that no matter what happens, he is happy because he loves her. They wake up together the next morning, and it is Febrary 3rd. The time loop has been broken, and he decides to stay there with her instead of returning to the life he has outgrown.

Their vibe is one of Harmony, as he has experienced a lifetime worth of maturation in what was for her only a day. He no longer seeks out novelties or thrills to feed his cynicism, and he develops genuine good will towards people he used to look down on as hicks. His restless spirit no longer seeks to shift constantly from place to place, avoiding getting close to anything or cultivating real feelings. He has integrated his criticisms in deciding to live them out and take action on them, to improve his surroundings instead of just resent them. Through his detailed observations, he has gained insight into why things have come to be the way they are, and therefore, what might be done differently in the future. Now he uses his power of Awareness for Good. 

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