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The Sign of the Lone Wolf


The Lupus constellation represents the beautiful and the ugly in nature. Though content with loneliness, Lupus signs are perceptive, charismatic, and seductive individuals, with wolf-like cunning.


The 10 Days of Lupus range from late October to Halloween.

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Wood Sign

Lupus, the 2nd Wood sign in the Zodiac, embodies the symbiotic relationship between decomposers and the decaying remnants of an ecosystem. Like fungi growing on a dead log, Lupus signs thrive in difficult times, during which they regenerate themselves. They possess an enigmatic aura, resembling the mysterious fog in the depths of marshlands. 

They’re characterized by a keen perception and intuition, which guides them to an understanding of hidden truths and unseen forces in the world and in the psyche. Just as Fungi possess the ability to break down organic matter and nourish the soil, Lupus signs have a talent for unraveling the layers of complexity in any situation, uncovering hidden meanings, and revealing profound insights. 

This mystical affinity allows them to adapt to and thrive in the harshest of circumstances, navigating murky waters with ease. Their ability to embrace these darker paths in life makes them powerful catalysts for change and new growth. 

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Beauty Sign

Lupus, the 3rd Beauty sign in the Zodiac, embodies the Beautiful in the Ugly. Lupus signs remind us that genuine Beauty exceeds traditional ideals, and is always messier in reality than it is in theory. Often, it is the raw, authentic, and unusual moments in life that leave the most lasting impression. 

They aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, and to face their inner demons with a desire to integrate them, rather than with a shameful need to banish them from awareness, only for them to fester and worsen in the shadow of repression. Lupus signs find the Beauty in challenging and dark times. They remind us that our scars and wounds are not marks of shame but testaments to our strength and resilience. 

They invite us to embrace the shadows, the imperfections, and the complexities that make us who we are. In embracing the "Ugly" aspects of life, Lupus signs inspire us to embrace our true selves, unapologetically and authentically.

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Lupus constellation between Libra and Scorpio tend to have a trickster aura about them.

  • Observant, bold, 

  • Restless, obsessive, compulsive, reckless, dark.

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

  • Charismatic, entertaining, perceptive, galvanizing, independent, passionate, indomitable, sympathetic, liberating, 

  • Superficial, seductive, dramatic, unrestrained, lone wolf, detached, devious, secretive, neglectful, negative, 

Social Life / Society

  • Exciting, funny, humorous, inquisitive, innovative, 

  • Disturbing, confusing, chaotic, unpredictable, hypnotic, intolerant, strange, provocative, distant, obscure, mysterious, unusual, 

Archetypal Story of Lupus

John has a little girl named Emma. When night falls, and humans go to sleep, they are visited by spirits of light called Storytellers who grant good dreams, and corrupt spirits of darkness called Incubi who bring nightmares. These factions are locked in eternal war, and children have guardians who fight on their behalf to banish the bad dreams. But one night, Emma is visited by a third type of entity, a Drifter named Ink, who kidnaps her soul while it is between worlds. Although the Storytellers fight hard to save her, his will is very strong, and they must regroup. He seeks to sacrifice the child’s soul in order to gain power and evolve from Drifter to Incubi.

Back in the real world, we find out John has actually been estranged from Emma, losing custody of her as his ability to caretake slipped in the wake of her mother’s death. To compensate for both losses, he obsessed about his job for his sense of self worth, and ‘sold his soul’ to the corporation. Now forced with an ultimatum of seeing Emma in the hospital, or attending to his career making or breaking account negotiation. In a rush on his way to the big meeting, he is hit by a car and taken to the hospital where Emma is in a coma. His priorities have been rearranged for him in the dreamworld, as the battle rages on to protect the girl from the Incubi. A storyteller named Liev appears to her and Ink, and offers herself as a replacement, as her high status would be a more valuable bartering chip. But thinking himself quite clever, Ink decides to sacrifice them both.

Liev goes along willingly, enduring many humiliations like having her hair cut off which are clearly designed to break her spirit, but all the while she bears them gracefully and teaches Emma to be a brave ‘lion’. Her goodness annoys Ink, but after finding keys and going through portals they arrive at the HQ of the Incubi. 

They kill Liev, approving of his offering, and invite Ink into their ranks. But with her last breath she urges him to remember, and it is revealed that time works very differently in this dreamworld. Ink is a future John in a reality where Emma dies in the hospital, and he commits suicide out of shame. His disgrace turns him into the monster Ink, leaving his soul in limbo. Liev had been his guardian all along, and her sacrifice gives him a second chance to save his daughter. She roars like a lion and defends herself long enough for him to grab her, and they fight through the Incubi back to reality. 

Lupus is often associated with monsters and shapeshifting. John shows up first as the ugly side of the wild quality in this story, who has strayed too far toward numbing his pain and pursuing business ambition to mask his insecurity about growing up poor. Liev as a Leo sets an example about Loyalty, and brings out the part of him that can combat his despair. The moral that Destiny is not something predetermined or set in stone is personified by the light and dark spirits, who show us the true interconnection of things we take for granted, and trajectories we set ourselves on. 

Sometimes, the flow must be interrupted by a willful intervention to achieve a favorable outcome, and the whimsical idea presented in this movie that dreams can be a window into these hopes and fears is very powerful. The film explores beauty, ugliness, metamorphosis and redemption in the bestial energy of Lupus.

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