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The Sign of the Fish


The Pisces constellation represents the wisdom of water, a universal solvent, to help mix things together. Pisceans are empathetic, sensitive, and inclusive, seeking peace, even to a fault at times.

Pisces, with two fish, embodies the duality of the sea, as it can be both calm and turbulent.

The 19 Days of Pisces range through most of March to St Patricks Day. 

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Water Sign

Pisces, the 3rd and final Water sign in the Zodiac, dives into the boundless realm of the sea, embodying the ever-flowing tides and the ever-changing currents that lie beneath the surface. Just as the sea holds near-infinite depths, Pisces is a sign of profound emotional sensitivity and intuition. They’re intimately attuned to emotional currents, both within themselves and in others. Their moods tend to ebb and flow like the ocean's waves. 

Their seas can be tranquil and peaceful, soothing and comforting those in need. Their natural empathy allows them to understand and connect with the struggles and joys of others. This often enables them to sense what is unspoken and to offer help without judgment.

They can also experience intense emotional storms, like the crashing waves in a tempestuous sea. This emotional depth grants them profound insights into the human experience, making them natural artists, dreamers, therapists, and seekers of spiritual truth.

In the vast expanse of the sea, Pisces dances between serenity and tumult, embodying the depths of emotion and the ever-shifting tides of life. They have the ability to navigate the depths of the soul. Pisces reminds us that within the depths of who we are lies a vast ocean of potential for compassion, creativity, and profound connection to each other.

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Wisdom Sign

In the element of Water, Wisdom seems to be opposed to its emotional nature, locked in a battle of head and heart. But emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of self-mastery, and we see it here prioritized through behaviors of introspection, reflection, and thoughtful observation. In physics, this corresponds to Faraday’s electromagnetic law of Induction. This means that a state can be produced without direct contact, moving from specific to general which is also what the word means in terms of logic. By inferring larger patterns about the world through the lens of their personal experience, they can apply empathy broadly under the assumption that others are similar to them, with similar needs, dreams, and fears. This can of course be a hazardous assumption, selfishly judging in this comparative way, but in the absence of narcissism it can be a powerful baseline to humanize with others on a personal basis.

Like the other Wisdom signs, this desire to stay at a distance and make choices based on information rather than direct risk can create a detached persona of coldness, but with the water element this aloof tendency is tempered by emotional investment. They are therefore very skilled listeners, regarding the data received from hearing about the life experience and feelings of others to be of high value. This is a crucial balancing force in our society because it is easy in the age of information to overvalue things pertaining to business, science, or finances at the expense of human quality of life. Validation is a much needed resource in the cultivation of human confidence and flourishing, so spending this quality time is a worthy investment.

Because of this focus on the internal realm however, Pisces does run the risk of being out of touch, or copious through escapism. Instead of facing reality head-on, this indirect approach can lead them to be highly speculative rather than accepting of what facts they are presented. At worst, this can manifest as denial, procrastination, failure to act, or overdependence on others. Care must be taken to remain independent and able to stand on their own two feed, despite their innate sense of interconnectedness. 

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Pisces constellation or with a Pisces influence in their Star Chart tend to have an aura of sensitivity. 

  • Imaginative, feelsy, sensitive, youthful, spontaneous, curious, adaptable, manic, 

  • Impatient, escapist, dreamy, impulsive, addictive, confused

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

  • Empathetic, compassionate, considerate, sympathetic, devoted, friendly, trusting, heartful, nurturing, loving, supportive, ecstatic, effervescent, sensual, thoughtful, introspective, kind, affectionate, comforting, reflective, helpful, empathic

  • Gullible, dependent, codependent, oversensitive, needy, moody, enabling, individualistic, pushover, weak, insecure, borderline, subjective, defensive, vulnerable, gossipy, flighty, high empathy personality

Social Life / Society

  • Vision, agreeable, artistic, creative, bombastic, entertaining, fun, personable, hilarious, transcendental, enlightening, witty, exploratory, progressive, spiritual, free-spirited, insightful, inspirational, 

  • Delusional, inconsistent, unreliable, messy, disorganized, irrational, incompetent, lazy, flip-flop, pendulum, irresponsible, naive, indecisive, foolish, fluid

Floating in the Sea

♓︎ Pisces

Salvaging Materials, Processing Waste, Human Resources

“When your kitchen is flooding, do you mop the floor, or plunge the sink?  Neither, you turn off the faucet.” In response to the crisis of plastic waste, this has been the common advice: eliminate single use plastic. While it is very logical, it does nothing for the massive amount of plastic pollution already wreaking havoc, and it suggests nothing about what to actually replace it with. Shaming the consumer for their habits is not going to accomplish system wide change. The only way to ‘turn the faucet off’ is to stop producing it and making it available to them as a choice. But what possible motivation would a manufacturer have to do that? Is there a carrot or stick big enough to sway such a beast? Probably not. Something needs to come along which is actually faster, cheaper, or better, preferably all three to do away with it entirely. The circle needs to be closed, from Cradle to Cradle. Now that we have this strange idea that things we throw away just go away forever, it will be a difficult delusion to undo, but it is possible. And necessary. 


Pisces’ mission is the management of the volunteer network in that sort of, ‘teach a man to fish’ way rather than banking on one large company to come up with a huge ocean net. Plastic pollution is so insidious because the pieces are so small, they float and get everywhere so you almost have no choice but to manage it by hand. It’s possible it could be mechanized, that in the future we could have some sort of robots, either programmed or remotely operated, who go around and collect garbage. The logistics of that would be rather nightmarish for sure. But maybe if it were presented as a game, or monetized, so that kids could play it in lieu of the repetitive fetch quests they are already spending countless hours on. 


In the scifi epic, Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the most spectacular concepts in it is the machines themselves and their ecosystem, where the ‘herbivore’ machines consume organic material and convert it into biofuel, and scavenger machines salvage parts from damaged machines and ruins. The current work of Boston Dynamics springs to mind, but they aren’t working towards this salvaging end so much. Really what we want is more like WallE. Recycling is just not a great solution in the long run, because in a paradoxical way it has become a bandaid that only encourages over production while recovering very little. It’s simply too difficult to separate the different materials, and some materials are hardly worth bothering with due to their weight vs. value such as glass. Trying to reclaim and melt it back down is a huge amount of effort even when automated, and a large portion of it ends up getting thrown right back out anyway, so we need to address the garbage crisis itself. The #1 priority that we can all do right now actually is not recycling inorganics but composting, and elimination of food waste.  We as individuals have full control of that, there are many great ways from vermiculture, to backyard gardening or donating to local community gardens to make good use of kitchen scraps.


To bring this concept of missions in lieu of houses full circle, the 12 and final house calls for introspection and reintegration of the cycle of learning back into the self. In the natural world, waste = food, for every input there is an output and with enough time every niche will be filled, each resource utilized. Although the environment may change more dramatically than the species which currently comprise our diverse ecosystem can adapt to, our charge as stewards of this world could enhance the rebound time and vibrance if we set our minds to it. And by applying our foresight, we can take steps to safeguard the genetic legacy of those species at risk by creating seed libraries, preserving samples, and learning everything we possibly can about them while they are alive. 


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