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Element:     Fire

Motive:      Power

Virtue:     Courage

Zodiac:        Ram


Red, Yellow, Black


Agmar, Maratha, Lazaros, Valarian

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The Sign of the Fox


The Vulpecula constellation represents the virtue of crafts. Vulpeculas are thus as crafty and deliberate as foxes, but charitable and jovial too. They use their every skill to contribute to the world.

The 10 Days of Vulpecula range through the Holidays of late December.

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Metal Sign

Vulpecula, the 3rd and final Metal sign in the Zodiac, embodies the qualities of a sturdy Ingot, forged from the fusion of fire and ore. Just as an Ingot holds the potential for transformation and utility, Vulpecula signs possess a unique blend of craftsmanship and practicality. They tend to become skilled artisans and builders, channeling their creative energies into tangible forms that leave a lasting impact on the world. 

With their innate resourcefulness and attention to detail, Vulpecula signs excel in bringing ideas into fruition. Like the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into shaping metal, they approach tasks with precision and dedication, ensuring that every endeavor is executed to perfection. This methodical nature allows them to find innovative solutions to challenges and create solid foundations for success.

They value their charitable contributions to society and to those they care and work for. Usually, they use their talents for the benefit of others. Like an alchemist, they have a knack for turning difficult situations into useful opportunities. 

Vulpecula stands as a testament to the power of craftsmanship, practicality, and compassion. Just as an Ingot is shaped through the fusion of elemental forces, Vulpecula signs embody the harmonious blend of Fire and Earth. They remind us that by combining our skills and creativity with a giving heart, we can forge a path that leaves a lasting impact on the world.

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Good Sign

Vulpecula, the 3rd Good sign in the Zodiac, embodies the spirit of giving. Vulpeculas are opportunistic, looking for what to make of value in every situation, willingly giving of themselves. They often know exactly how to help those around them who are in need. And they understand the profound effect that gift-giving can have on both the giver and the recipient. 

This nature goes beyond material possessions. Vulpecula signs also offer personal and emotional support, whether by offering a listening ear, being comforting, or employing their passionate energy to motivate or inspire anyone to tackle any problem before them. Through their acts of creation, expression, and aid, they generate a ripple-effect of Goodness wherever they go. 

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Vulpecula constellation between Sagittarius and Capricorn tend to have an aura of craftiness about them. They have the practicality of a Capricorn, and the zeal of a Sagittarius. Needless to say, they likely master any skill they wish, succeed at any venture,  and achieve great feats in their lives. 

They tend to keep themselves busy throughout their lives, willfully diving into every new endeavor. Their confidence comes more from their focus on actionable thoughts than from some sense of self-conscious image. When faced with a problem, their fastidious attention affords them crafty solutions. This also makes them restless and easily distracted, like foxes going down rabbit-holes. 

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

Vulpecula signs shine in social situations, attracting, impressing, and intimidating many. They certainly leave an impression. In conversation, they have a way of listening deeply and responding directly and excitedly, inspiring whomever they meet. 

Their tendency to hunt down results and find crafty solutions also makes them highly committed to their relationships. They’re willing to compromise, strategize, and negotiate to make a relationship work, even to a fault at times, giving more and more to their friends and partners than they might deserve. It may be difficult, however, for anyone to turn down such a valuable person, who is willing to give so much and ask so little in return. 

Their potentially sacrificial nature doesn’t exactly come from a desire to do charity, but from what usually starts out as a highly selective and mutual arrangement. Their intimate relationships may start out as friendships and gradually evolve into something more, which is usually quite adaptive. But they may also become what we now call “situationships,” since, in these cases, boundaries, expectations, and romantic needs may not be openly communicated. 

Their skills at gift-giving are nearly unparalleled in the Zodiac. They seem to know exactly what their benefactor needs, probably because of their keen perception and memory, but also because of their deep desire to support and connect with others. In all of their seeming business, it may appear that they aren’t paying attention at times, but they almost certainly are. 

In relationships that aren’t being deeply fulfilled or are no longer mutual, they may give support in various external ways, but internally become emotionally withdrawn, putting their heart and hopes into something or someone else. They may then appear heartless, insensitive, or impersonal to those who have lost their heart. So long as they have other healthy friendships and perspectives to confide in, they usually realize their toxic situation and remove themselves from it immediately. 

They’re fierce friends and partners when a problem needs a solution, though their feisty nature may get on people’s bad side. They’re generally turned-off by insecurity, which aides in avoiding toxic or codependent dynamics, but that may also give them license to dominate relationships in their own repressive way. At the very least, they’re more likely to cut ties with someone they don’t respect than to create a power dynamic with them in the dominant position; unless, that is, the other person has some other form of power over them. 

With a loving partner who encourages their social life to flourish, grants them the freedom to explore opportunities, and shares in joint adventures, Vulpeculas will shine with fierce passion, sensuality, and affection. In all of their relations, they give themselves fully, and they have many gifts to give.

Social Life / Society

Socially, Vulpecula signs are notoriously productive, hardworking, and dedicated to their work, whatever that may be. They’re incredibly valuable to any employer, but must beware of taking too much responsibility for systems they have no real stake in, creating immutual work dynamics and committing too much to narrow methods. Their workaholic tendency grants them great wealth, power, and success, but often at the expense of sacrificing their freetime and personal lives to the ravenous machine. 

Ideally, their ambitions in combination with their generous nature ought to guide them to take more dynamic control over their work, for the betterment of society and their personal lives. Their ability to communicate, inspire, and problem-solve makes them innovative and sophisticated leaders. Their dignity and authenticity in leadership also inevetably gains them respect and admiration from those they lead or even just work with. Without the dignity of their intelligence, they would come across as superficial, and without the authenticity of their communication, they would come across as dictatorial.

It’s natural for them to take a leading role in any kind of job or project, simply because they’re likely to be the most motivated to see it through. They come prepared, organized, and serious. This may also make them appear dominating, commanding, and overly serious in certain pressure situations. If it really comes to that, they’re likely to celebrate and reward everyone when all is said and done.

Archetypal Story of Vulpecula

Silence of the Lambs: Clarice is an FBI agent indirectly tasked with the rescue of a young woman believed to have been kidnapped by a serial killer nicknamed Buffalo Bill. Time is ticking, and to get inside the head of a deranged psychopath she heads to a high-security prison where another prolific murderer is held captive. Her intent is to interview and observe him, feed him tantalizing bits from the ongoing case that she believes he will take interest in and give away some crucial information that may lead to the kidnappers capture. Hannibal, her study subject, is regarded as a sick genius who is both sadistic and sophisticated, and it is a dangerous game of cat and mouse as she attempts to harness his evil for a mission of good. With each encounter she puts more skin in the game, and becomes more unsettled by his revelations while unveiling a dark world of cruelty and cannibalism.

Her perceptivity and attention to detail allow her to weed out what is important and not get caught up on distractions meant to throw her off the scent. To do this, she must come face to face with madness and evil, and integrate the shadow which will allow her to hunt it. She prides herself on being a calm, cool, collected observer. Utterly devoted to her job and this rescue mission, she doesn’t think twice about risking her own sanity. The farther she delves, the more vulnerable she becomes to his manipulation, but she is eager to prove herself professionally and break away from the stereotypes surrounding her Southern heritage. He gets in her head about the motives of her boss, her being set up for failure, and as the situation reaches a fever pitch the warden of the prison latches on to the sensationality of the high-profile case and inserts himself into the situation. His short-sighted decision throws the case off track, and ultimately costs the lives of several guards as Hannibal is transferred to a different facility. But Clarice manages to navigate these obstacles and follow the clues, find Buffalo Bill and free his captive. 

This is a particularly dark and controversial story for a number of reasons, but Clarice as a Vulpecula is able to confront death and not be overwhelmed by the shock of it. Trauma from childhood serves as a catalyst for taking the case very personally, and quixotically this allows her to avoid some of the selfish pitfalls of her cohorts in the law. It is this razor-thin edge she walks between self-interest and the value of Goodness. She galvanizes it into the quality of Craftsmanship through the pride she takes in her work and respect she shares with others who do the same, even in unconventional ways. Hannibal is also a cusp, Cygnus, with a value of Beauty. His penchant for fine things is a stark contrast to his lack of morality, but in the end his exchange with Clarice gets him a new lease on freedom. And through all of the horrors, she comes to find peace of mind.

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