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The Sign of the Water Bearer


The Aquarius constellation represent love in the air; the benevolent force of rainclouds. Aquarians are gregarious, responsible, whimsical, and a bit naive, but of that they are not ashamed.

The 22 Days of Aquarius range from early February through Valentine’s Day. 

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Air Sign

Aquarius, the 3rd and final Air sign of the Zodiac, floats like a wispy cloud in the vast sky. Just as clouds are ever-changing and elusive, Aquarians possess a uniquely freeing approach to life. They are the visionaries and innovators who bring fresh perspectives and groundbreaking - or ground-watering - ideas to the world.
Aquarians thrive in the realms of arts and sciences alike. Their boundless imagination no doubt comes from a higher perspective. Their minds are as expansive as the heavens, filled with endless possibilities and untapped potential. They have an innate ability to think outside the box, transcending norms and overcoming limits. 

They’re known for their humanitarian ideals and commitment to social causes, like rain clouds which bring nourishment and renewal to an ailing Earth. But their airy nature can also lead them to become emotionally detached at times, far and away from everyone, caught up in their own abstract thoughts. Beneath the hazy surface, Aquarian hearts beat with an Agape kind of love, embracing everything under the sky.

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Love Sign

Aquarius is the 3rd and final Love sign of the Zodiac. The air element makes this the most generalized version, rather than one which is more focused or specific, the sense of agape and love for all things leads them to spread this priority thin over a broad swath. This is a bit hard to pinpoint, because of course the Love motivation is concerned with places, so a good way to think of it may be the liminal spaces, transitions, or thresholds. They are concerned with how things connect to one another, the entrances or foyers that set the mood for what is to come, and the byways through which people travel from place to place. As such, modes of transportation and the curation of their comfort and functionality are emphasized. In what is arguably the most abstract law of thermodynamics on this list, somewhat fitting for Aquarius, this concept of dispersal or Entropy is illustrated. Absolute zero is not a state which is relevant to human existence for the most part, but the gist of the law is that the colder the system, the less chaos there is. Things become extremely predictable. Which explains a bit about Aquarius’s need for fluctuation, change, and maybe even a little bit of chaos to fulfill their experimental nature.

This cloud of potential surrounding them is the social gift they give, preferring to create optimal conditions for things to happen rather than direct exact outcomes. Amorphous, and seemingly random, it is difficult to coordinate with them compared to the other air signs who thrive on collaboration, but they are nevertheless a crucial component of the team. Often maligned for having their head in the clouds or operating on daydreams rather than reality, this noncommittal attitude is actually important in small doses to be open to change and improvement. Despite their vivid imaginations, communication of these ideas actually poses a great obstacle. Thus their method of expression might be best described as ‘vibe regulation’, they create moods and thrive in multimedia presentations to appeal to the senses and try to bring others into their headspace. Rather than state things directly, they enjoy the fleeting possibility of their listener drawing their own conclusions from the same stimulation and iterating something totally new.

It isn’t enough for them to just be understood, to say something and have it be received with high fidelity to its original form. They want others to internalize the experience in order to spark something within their unique individual world, so that Aquarius can then play with and enjoy what is brought forth from the other. This neotenous, childlike curiosity and appreciation for novelty can be a powerful driver for invention, and solutions. But, it is also by definition entropic, and viewed by many as a major waste of time and energy. It is easy to get impatient with this roundabout way of being in the world, and Aquarius must always take care to realize that not everyone is experiencing life in the same carefree, probing way, and that they don’t need to be probed or provoked to try to bubble up something hidden. 

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Aquarius constellation or with an Aquarius influence in their Star Chart tend to have an aura of prodigy about them. They exhibit talent, insight, and virtue at an early age. With such advantages, they often develop a keen sense of independence and freedom, becoming model human beings. As model sapient beings, they're of a cerebral nature, surveying and dissecting the world around them.

Their youthful and quirky disposition adds an element of whimsy to their personality, allowing them to approach life from an abstract and unconventional perspective. While they may appear aloof at times, it is merely their way of navigating the complex tapestry of thoughts and ideas that constantly occupy their minds.

Aquarians possess a curious and mystic nature, constantly seeking inspiration and exploring the depths of their imagination. Their creative and imaginative minds are constantly at work, producing unique and original ideas that may challenge more grounded thinking. Driven by intrinsic motivation, they embark on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and self-expression. 

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

With so much going on in their heads, independent Aquarians may appear withdrawn or aloof, leading others to perceive them as elusive or distant. And, indeed, they are capable of being stubbornly dismissive or condescending toward others if they feel that their inner world is threatened. But they’re also one of the first to call foul when someone they love is having their own inner world and imagination ignored or shut down. 

Aquarians are lovable and generous souls with a benevolent nature. They genuinely care for the well-being of others and are motivated to make a positive impact in their lives. With their considerate and supportive demeanor, they easily earn the admiration and affection of those around them. Their affections, in kind, are sincere, adoring the unique qualities of those they hold dear.

Whilst their accepting nature may appear neutral or bland to some, their humorous, fun-loving, and whimsical spirit also contributes to the excitement of any interaction. They also value progression in their relationships toward deep understanding and mutual support. Their friendly and engaging approach to relationships fosters a sincere and patient connection with others. 

In an intimate relationship, Aquarians value deep intellectual and emotional connection, seeking a partner who can engage with them on a higher mental level. Their whimsical and imaginative tastes infuse their relationships with a sense of enchantment and playfulness. They’re adoring and affectionate lovers who can express their love in creative ways. They also appreciate partners who respect their need for privacy and independent thought. In combination with their potential for limerance or over-idealization of a partner, their inclination toward mental independence might lead them to hide their insecurities and true feelings, for fear of having their fantasy bubble popped, or being disappointed by the reality of a relationship.

Their tolerance can be taken advantage of by more dominant personalities, which may lead them to become pushovers or enablers. At other extremes, they can feel that they must retain their sense of inner harmony and independence at all costs, becoming rebellious or even petulant. They may even become extremely intolerant of other perspectives when left to their own worldview for too long. They must find a delicate balance between maintaining their own inner harmony and adapting to harmonize with others. But even in their darkest moments, beneath it all, their hearts remain full of love and warmth. 

Social Life / Society

Aquarians are like stars that illuminate the world around them. They’re inspiring and progressive, always striving to make a positive impact on society. Their visionary mindset positions them to pioneer innovative ideas and bring about positive change, almost instinctively. Their persuasive and uplifting aura also motivates others to join them on their quest for that better future. 

Unrealistic expectations and lofty ideals can devolve into full-blown fantasies and delusions, if left unchecked. They often have to earn the trust of those who rely upon them, given that their naive attitude may lead them to over-promise and under-deliver. Despite their unusual approach, however, their astute and discerning mind usually cuts through the noise and finds a solution to any problem. 

Their positive perspective and adaptable taste enable them to effortlessly navigate social circles, engage with, and coordinate with varieties of people. Their elegant and stylish demeanor adds to their charismatic presence, making them admired figures in social settings. They strive toward commonality, always seeking the common good and advocating for tolerance and transparency in social systems. This can also make them somewhat indecisive and impotent as leaders, however, since it’s hard for them not to acknowledge every position and try to make everyone happy, even when that may be impossible. Nonetheless, they are likely to keep trying, and that is perhaps their noblest trait.

Overall, their receptivity to new ideas and perspectives fosters a culture of openness and growth in any social system they inhabit. They embody the very ideal of creating a better future, always seeking to better themselves and the lives of others. Their inspiring imagination paves the way for transformative revolutions of vision which contribute to our ever-changing society.

Archetypal Story of Aquarius

Truman Burbank leads a quiet life in a small town. Each day is much the same as the last. But unbeknownst to him, he is arguably the most famous man on earth, star of a reality show which was manufactured around him since the moment of his birth. Unwanted by his parents, he was adopted by a corporation, and became the first person to have their entire life recorded and broadcasted. 

The television superstar goes to work at a boring office-job, acts out his little quirks in the mirror, and dreams of escaping to Fiji, as the whole world watches. His marriage, which was scripted and arranged, fails to fill the void of a love he fell into in high school, which threatened to upheave the carefully contrived scenario. The girl was removed from the set, which executive producer Christof had enclosed in a dome to control every aspect of Truman’s life, down to the weather. But small cracks keep appearing; a stage light falls from the ceiling and has to be explained away on the radio to throw off Truman’s suspicion. 

He tries to switch up his routine and catch glimpses of the back stage, getting closer and closer to revealing the big secret that the whole city revolves around him. The other actors are directed to appeal to his emotions, history, and insecurities to try to reign him back in. But he outwits the producer, pretending to be asleep and forcing a citywide manhunt. To facilitate the search, Christof orders the artificial lighting to simulate day in a godlike move, and the point of no return is reached in the illusion. Truman is discovered trying to sail off the artificial island, despite the crippling fear of water which has been instilled in him since his father’s staged drowning. Christof acts out his insane attachment to his creation by abusing the weather controls to conjure a storm and try to sink the ship. But Truman weathers the storm, and the director is forced to finally give up.

The prow of Truman’s little boat hits the edge of the dome, the edge of his known world. He follows it around and finds a staircase, which he ascends to ‘heaven’, aka the real world outside his contrived little sound stage. 

Sylvia, the woman who originally sparked his affection, has been working to free him all along, believing it to be wrong to imprison him and take away his free will. On the outside, a strange parasocial relationship has been cultivated toward him in the hearts of all his followers, and they stand divided between a desire to keep him trapped for their vicarious amusement, and freed for the validation of their own human spirit. 

His fight for freedom cuts to the very core of Aquarian identity: need for self-determination, room to voice and express themselves, and craving the novelty of new situations to Adapt to, and room to voice and express themselves. Though he was free of poverty, struggle, or danger, he was also free from all the positivity that comes with rising to real challenges. His bubble was a prison. Sylvia is Inspired by Truman, his authenticity, wit, and humanity. And in return, she gives him the Stamina to play the long game and ultimately win liberation from the matrix. 

The Stars

♒︎ Aquarius

Collaborative Workspaces, Efficient Logistics, Resource Accessibility

Logistics is a two edged sword. On the one hand it’s tempting to advance as rapidly as possible to minimize the need for warehousing and having things sit around not getting any use, but on the other hand our ultimate goal should be to limit transportation as much as possible and localize. Our relationship with objects got a pretty decent reality check with the onset of 3D printing, but as costs have gone down I think it’s becoming obvious that it’s wonderous for prototyping or one offs but hardly a major solution for production on a large scale. The knack that Aquarius has for innovation and imagination is best applied at the front end of design; preferably with the intent of eliminating any potential waste down the line with things like innovative biodegradable or otherwise useful packaging, plastic free distribution avenues, superior reusable containers, things like that. Product development itself  and the life cycle analysis it necessitates very much falls under this sphere, though it isn’t exclusive to one team by any means. Major interventions in production will ultimately need to synergize with transporting the results, rather than lumping everything together, optimization not even an afterthought. If the cargo and vessel evolve simultaneously, instead of having to try to accommodate each other down the line, it opens up more potential for synergy.  


There is overlap here with Urban Planning of course, as we transition to more rail based, electric, and potentially hydrogen fueled vehicles, the way they shape our cities and lives will have to be planned with care. Having areas for pedestrian only traffic, and the relationship that people walking and on bikes have with plazas and storefronts that are open and inviting to them deserves careful consideration. Any advances in logistics need to really focus on these being the end destination, everything flowing and converging to these places the way that we would want people to do naturally, just as all rivers flow toward the sea. The only place you really see this is in theme parks, basically, enclosed places that have been specifically designed for foot traffic. There are of course also many ancient palazzos, courtyards, markets, and you know, castles, in Europe and elsewhere in the world because they have those, but this type of living space is pretty much non-existent in America. I think that what might end up being the hallmark of the Aquarius mission, isn’t big flashy advancements in vehicular transport but maybe actually a stark lack thereof.  


One concept I think will begin to really expand once cities become more accommodating to collaborative work spaces is the Thing Library, championed by the organization My Turn, where instead of individually owning things like power tools, instruments, appliances, etc just like a library for books, it’s a place where you can go to rent things so you don’t have to have them around and store them all the time. There are of course hardware stores which already have rental programs, sometimes that can be fairly economical for the most part though they just don’t really compete with how cheap it is to buy things most of the time. However there are so many other ramifications to doing that, creating demand for more things to be produced, increasing mass of things to be transported or sold when people relocate, and generally cluttering our spaces and minds. Ideally, maker spaces will be much more readily available, and not just ones with really expensive monthly fees that focus too much on 3D printing. What if in the future, instead of people doing as we do currently and showing up to work for someone else, there are places to voluntarily show up to work on your own projects? Or form collaborative groups at will, sharing in the same tools and resources?  There is always stress about accountability, what if something breaks or there is inequity in use, but I think trust will be the currency of the future.  


Making science accessible really speaks to the mission of Aquarius. Dissolving these barriers to entry into science, and empowering citizens to contribute without needing lengthy education and credentials to get involved. Paleontology is one area which is thriving with the inclusion of volunteers. There is a humility and understanding that the backlog of work is so far beyond the scope of what a single paleontologist could hope to get through in one lifetime, that every effort must be taken to make use of enthusiastic hobbyists. Other fields are not necessarily so receptive. When our desire is truly to learn and discover, and not just protect our own jobs and tenure, the world opens up for all of us, and we simply don’t have time to fuss over who takes credit for what. When we say, ‘all aglow is in the work’, it means the pomp and insecurity falls away in the face of authentic curiosity. Those who walk their talk don’t have to worry about laying claim to the solutions revealed to them about the workings of nature. 


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