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The Sign of the Crown


The regal charisma and confidence of Leo blend harmoniously with the practicality and attention to detail of Virgo. This synthesis creates a dynamic and formidable energy, allowing Corona signs to shine with brilliance while maintaining a methodical approach to achieving their goals.

The Corona constellation represents the metallurgy of truth; how symbols like crowns are invented. Corona signs glimmer with purpose and thus tend to inspire and steward their societies.

The 11 Days of Corona range through the end of August.

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Metal Sign

Corona, the 2nd Metal sign in the Zodiac, embodies the qualities of a Golden Crown, made up of. precious metals which signify wealth, abundance, and brilliance. Likewise, Corona signs glimmer with value and promise. Their natural magnetism draws opportunity and resources their way. But their regal demeanor also inspires others to aspire to greatness and reach for the pinnacle of their potential. 

Just as Gold can be molded into intricate designs, Corona signs value meticulous details. They have an appreciation for the more refined and cultured, seeking perfection in every project. With their inherent sense of duty and commitment, they strive for excellence and demand the same from those around them. Their embodiment of affluence ought to inspire us to embrace our own worth and pursue excellence in everything that we do.

Like a crown adorning the head, Corona signs serve as symbols of achievement and remind us that we all have the potential to manifest greatness in our lives.

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Truth Sign

Corona, the 2nd Truth sign in the Zodiac, represents the cultivation of culture. The ability for humans to create meaning and value out of anything is a true gift. It can also be a curse when people are motivated by imaginary, delusional, or abstract ends which no longer produce truly adaptive results. But Corona signs remind us to create practices, values, and standards that meet us where we Truly are.

They understand that culture is not static but evolves over time. They also understand that culture does not originate from above, but from the grassroots below, in the ways that every individual cultivates their own identity in the course of their life. Interpersonal exchange at the individual level and cultural exchange at the collective level are essential for creating a harmonious and interconnected world. They recognize the power of culture to shape our identities, connect us to our roots, and inspire collective progress. 

In a fragmented world, Corona signs remind us to cultivate an attitude of inclusivity, empathy, and respect, regardless of our backgrounds. They inspire us to honor our individual roots while embracing the interconnectedness of humanity. Coronas beseech us to contribute to the collective tapestry of human experience, inviting us to find meaning and purpose in the shared experiences of all people.

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Corona constellation between Leo and Virgo tend to have an aura of dignity. They have the resourcefulness of a Virgo and the conscience of a Leo. They tend to embody what people value most, utilizing their skills and talents to overcome challenges, improve themselves, and achieve virtually every goal set before them. Their persistence usually pays dividends throughout the course of their lives. 

Their ambition doesn’t usually turn egoistic, however, since they also tend to maintain a certain level of detachment from their public persona, valuing privacy and finding solace in moments of solitude. Alternatively, they may become so immersed in their interests, that focus can eventually turn obsessive.

Coronas have a complex relationship with themselves. They hold themselves to high standards and strive for personal growth and self-cultivation. They often reflect on their own motivations, desires, and aspirations, to keep them in line with their circumstances. They come to cultivate a strong sense of identity, maintaining a harmonious balance between their truest needs and ultimate goals.

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

Due to their shiny appeal, Corona signs often attract many acquaintances, friends, and partners, although they tend to be more selective about those whom they let into their private world. They garner respect from others due to their respectful demeanor. 

They’re generally agreeable and supportive to everyone in their presence, providing stability and reliability to those who need it. However, their need for narrative control and adherence to strict standards can sometimes come across as overbearing or suspicious. Those who are close enough to value them, but kept at a distance long enough to feel ignored, may grow resentful that they aren’t making the cut. It can be challenging even for those closest to them to understand their inner world, and what truly motivates them. 

They only seek partners who can match their level of devotion and share their vision for a shared future. Those who are worthy enough to make their cut are appreciated for their integrity and honor. However, their aforementioned need for control can sometimes lead to a struggle for dominance within the relationship. Coronas need to learn the art of negotiation and compromise to ensure a healthy and balanced partnership. 

When successful, they approach relationships with a wealth of purpose and commitment. They’re generous in love, blessing their partners with affection, support, and loyalty. They take great pride in nurturing the emotional well-being of their loved ones, often playing the role of a steady and reliable benefactor.

They may find it difficult to let go of relationships that they’ve invested so much into, even when faced with impossible challenges. They may persevere through difficult times, seeking practical solutions and working diligently to restore harmony, but sometimes investing more into a broken relationship only makes things worse. On the other hand, if their hard-to-earn trust is broken, they can become suspiciously guarded going forward, making it difficult for others to regain that trust. Corona signs must cultivate open communication, vulnerability, and an understanding that cultivating security means allowing space for them and their loved ones to flourish. 

Social Life / Society

Corona signs are full of purpose and take a commanding role in their social and professional lives. Their influential presence and stylish demeanor often make them stand out in a crowd. They are famed for their charity and altruism, actively participating in communal efforts and lending a helping hand wherever they can. Their hardworking and astute nature enables them to achieve great feats in such needy situations. 

They cultivate insightful minds and excel at articulating their thoughts and ideas with clarity and precision. Their detail-oriented analytical mind allows them to navigate complex social situations with ease. These skills also afford them the gift of finding crafty solutions to wicked problems. Unfortunately, at their worst, their critical and picky nature can be the very cause of wickedness.

Their occasional private withdrawal from society in combination with their desire for perfection may lead them to become entitled, elitist, snobby, and inflexible. Their adherence to rigid structures can stifle creativity and limit the exploration of alternative perspectives. And in some cases, their focus on surface-level details may cause them to overlook deeper meanings and connections, including empathetic connections with others. 

Individuals on the Corona cusp need to remain open to the broader scope of experiences and embrace flexibility in their interactions with others. When they let their guard down, going in and amongst the people, they come away with an authentic willingness to make others happy.

Archetypal Story of Corona

Emperor Kuzco has been doted upon since his birth. Sheltered within the confines of his palace, the entire kingdom revolves around him and caters to his every need and whim. He is very much a product of his upbringing, obsessively self-centered, picky, and dismissive as one would expect. He considers himself to be the pinnacle of hip and stylish, and inflicts swift vengeance upon anyone who throws off his groove. 

Although he is unaware of reality or the state of things in his kingdom, he is not as aloof as his advisor believes him to be. He catches onto her attempt to take over his station and run the kingdom herself, though it is arguable she always has been the one actually running things as he phones it in and goes on with his unending hedonism. 

On the eve of his 18th birthday, he fires Yzma, and the disgruntled advisor sulks in her secret lair to plot revenge. After a few comically elaborate procedures, she falls back on the classic method of poisoning the emperor during a ‘no hard feelings’ dinner ruse. Her assassination attempt fails, however, for it wasn’t a deadly poison her assistant snuck into the Emperor’s drink, but one of transformation. 

Now in the form of a llama, Kuzco is whisked off into the night by her assistant Kronk to ‘finish the job’, but when the time comes to issue the killing blow, he doesn’t do it. Tied up in a sack, the knocked-out llama heads off on the cart of a village leader named Pacha, who had visited the emperor earlier that day. In human form, Kuzco had announced that he would be destroying Pacha’s village to make room for his vacation home. Distraught, the man returned home unaware of the stowaway, and could not bring himself to tell his family what was to happen to their home. 

When the two meet again, Kuzco has a meltdown over his unfortunate change of form, and Pacha sees an opportunity to prevent him from destroying his home. But even in his desperate state, Kuzco’s pride and selfishness prevent him from recognizing that he will need assistance to be restored. Rather than accept an offer to be escorted back to the palace, he heads off into the rainforest alone. Needless to say, as he hadn’t been outside the city and couldn’t fend for himself, his bestial form is easy pickings for the jaguars. Though his demise would have solved the villagers’ problem, Pacha couldn’t bring himself to leave the emperor out there to die, and comes to his rescue.

They take turns getting each other in and out of trouble on the way back to the palace and come to find out they are being pursued. Yzma has figured out that the job wasn’t finished and sets out to finish it herself, but Kuzco is blissfully unaware that she was the one responsible for his curse. He finds out too late, after betraying Pacha, who was trying to protect him from Yzma, and endures a dark night of the soul, coming to grips with his own stupidity. 

He briefly flirts with the idea of accepting life as a llama, but finds he is very bad at it, and once again the villager comes to rescue him from himself. They get to the palace, have a stand-off with Yzma over the antidote, and ultimately Cuzco’s humanity is restored. He makes good on his promise not to destroy the village in the end, even going so far as to build a luxurious getaway to share with the villagers. 

The two men enjoy a life of Affluence, as Kuzco learns that friendship is a form of wealth he has been missing out on. For all his riches, his self-centeredness had left him very lonely, and he now enjoys the company of Pacha’s family and his own people. He has come into his own as a ruler, becoming aware of the conditions of his citizens, no longer sitting on high in his ivory tower, looking down on them. Though he had always been Classy, this journey of self-discovery reveals that true elegance is an aura extended to everyone around him, not something selfishly hoarded. He takes an altruistic role in support of the kingdom, raising standards for everyone. 

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