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The Sign of the Golden Ram, Chrysomallos.

The Aries Constellation is depicted as a Ram or male Sheep. It refers to Chrysomallos, the Golden Ram, sacred to Ares, who saved a prince and princess of Greece from drowning, and brought them to Georgia, where his golden-wooled hide would become known as the Golden Fleece. The Hindu god Agni rides a similar Ram, and is also a god of Fire, Mars, and Wrath.


Thus, Aries represents the fiery passions that drive and energize life. They are ambitious, inspiring, bold, heroic, and a bit competitive, just like Chrysomallos. 


The 19 days of Aries range from April Fools through the rest of April, until Easter. It’s the middle of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, when plants begin to grow and flowers begin to bloom after a month of thawing and floods. In much of the Southern Hemisphere, it coincides with the ripening of fruits for harvest. Both have to do with fertility, new life, and renewal, which is why Aries would be the first month of the year in a calendar based on the Zodiac. 

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Fire Sign

Sign of the Eternal Flame

Fire signs are energetic, inspiring, adventurous, ambitious, driven, and passionate. Aries, the first Fire sign and the first sign of the Zodiac, embodies the virtues and vices of fire in the extreme. Like a blazing flame, Aries ignites with a fierce determination that fuels their every action.

Aries thrive on the sheer energy and vitality of life, always in motion and ready to trailblaze new paths. Much like a dancing flame, they bring warmth and enthusiasm to any situation, igniting the spirits of those around them. They have an unwavering belief in their abilities and an indomitable drive, which propels them forward courageously.

One cannot ignore the destructive potential that Fire brings. Likewise, Aries’ fiery nature can spark impatience and conflict, causing them to act before thinking, leaving a trail of scorched relations in their wake. But beneath their fiery exterior, they’re genuinely warm and compassionate. Like a flame that illuminates the darkness, they often draw others to them. 

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Power Sign

The Sign of Firepower and Force

Power or Cardinal signs are notoriously driven, ambitious, active, and focused, but all of that started with Aries. Aries signs represent firepower, the fundamentals of force in the universe which led to the Big Bang. The corresponding law in Newtonian physics is of course the Force Law, f=ma, which simply means that the harder you push, the faster it goes… unless it is massive!  This is illustrated in Aries tendency to try to brute force situations, which works a lot of the time unless it turns out to be more complex than initially assumed. The strong desire for simple problems, with simple answers stems from a root of self assuredness and conviction in personal ability to prevail. 

This isn’t to be conflated with selfishness or narcissism, although toxic behaviors can of course derive from these assumptions, the basis for them can be well founded. Power signs tend to reinforce these beliefs with diligent maintenance, at least of themselves. Especially Aries who often focuses on the realm of personal strength, fitness, and ability; constant investment in their own body leaves them feeling confident in facing challenges of a physical nature. While this can lead to situations where they bite off more than they can chew, especially if there is a competitive aspect to the activity, their priority on their physical presence in this world does naturally increase their odds of success.

This attentiveness to self also leads them to be wary of anything that could disarm them. Though well known for risk taking, this impulse is always tempered with the knowledge that a step too far could compromise the primary source of their security, and render their main assets obsolete. With mindfulness, this can be cultivated into a ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’ attitude toward potentially volatile situations, rather than diving in headfirst. This Power motivation makes them a key protective figure in society, tasked with keeping themselves primed and ready in case of an emergency, but also exercising the discretion not to abuse their potential to harm. 

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Ruled by Mars

God of War, Fire, Passion, and the Red Planet

The red planet of Mars rules the passions. Mars has a spirit of war, courage, wrath, humor, anger, and emotion, along with Ares, Agni, Zhurong, Hat, Eshu, Uriel, Tyr, and Svarozic, to name a few. 

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Aries constellation or with an Aries influence in their Star Chart tend to have an aura of romanticism about them; an eternal flame which they carry with them throughout their lives. Out of this naivety grows a bold sense of initiative; if something isn’t the way they want it, they will make it so. This endless parade of passion projects keep them busy through most of their childhood. They are not particularly picky, they just have a heightened taste for authentic passions. Because of this, they are actually quite impressionable, especially when it comes to epic tales and heroic role models, whose grandiosity satisfies their romantic worldview. 

They aspire to live like heroes in a legend of their own making. Given their high energy and activity levels, gaining the vigor and athletic prowess of such a hero often comes naturally to them. Such impulsive drives, however, can make them impatient, aggressive, and reckless at times. Nonetheless, they have no shortage of willpower and determination to deal with whatever trials come their way. 

Being so preoccupied with their passions, Aries signs are not afraid to express themselves. If they are allowed to express themselves and their passion freely, their straightforwardness will grow into deep personal authenticity, and then into an effortless ability to encourage those around them. 

But if they are not allowed to express themselves appropriately, their boundless energy will have nowhere to go but back inside, resulting in chronic stress, anxiety, and mood swings. This repressed energy simply cannot be bounded forever, and so it gets released on occasion in the form of frantic, temperamental, or even tempestuous outbursts. An Aries, at their worst, can be the most violent, wrathful, and brutal sign of the Zodiac. Every Aries must learn how to efficiently and safely fuel and channel the flame within them. At their best, they can and have become the most admirable and honorable heroes of legend.

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

Their authoritative tendency to take charge can be immensely useful as leaders later in life, or in backyard fantasizing with friends, but if they are not given the opportunity to cultivate those leadership skills with friends of their own age, learning how to cooperate with others fairly, their burning desires can lead to bratty, spoiled, rebellious, or even outright violent behavior towards those they perceive to be limiting or undermining them. 

It is easy for an Aries to get caught up in the narratives of others, whether playing to or against them. As teenagers, they can be notoriously oppositional toward parents, teachers, or other authority figures, but can also become accomplices or cronies for those rare authority figures that they do choose to look up to. And if they manage to gain any authority over other more impressional types, their rule can quickly turn from inspirational to dictatorial. With proper socialization, their reactionary nature can be transformed into a deep sense of responsibility. But this self-overcoming must not shadow-project into a kind of disciplinary abuse and harshness that they would never put up with if they were on the receiving end. 

Aries signs are notoriously desirable as friends and romantic partners, because their passions leave a strong impression on others. They have a way of making people idolize them, or of idolizing those whom they admire. Sometimes, this leads to jealousy, competition, and rejection, but they ultimately choose to be with people who are their companions, not their worshippers, and certainly not their overlords. 

It can be difficult for friends and lovers to unmask the occasionally performative self-image of an Aries. An insecure Aries who is not comfortable with sharing their authentic self with others may seem unreliable, hypocritical, and superficial, which undermines the very respect that they’re fishing for in their pursuit of acceptance. But if a struggling Aries can learn to open up and be vulnerable with their partners, they can be some of the most dedicated, faithful, and loyal partners of the Zodiac.

In romance, a domain they dominate, Aries lovers are hot and charming, and they love a partner who is willing to relinquish some control, if only for a moment to play out a fantasy of theirs. They also appreciate a partner who is almost as insatiable as they are, although this can also lead them to commitment issues. Like embers floating through the air, ever-searching for their next catalyst, Aries signs almost seem to have a heightened perception of diminishing returns. They can be the ultimate tease, using their persuasive skills to orchestrate elaborate power plays. At the other end of a power dynamic, the allure of fantasy can make them susceptible to the power plays of others. The line between fantasy and reality can blur when relationships get dramatic, so Aries lovers have to learn when the right time is to stop playing. 

When they are cut-off from or otherwise no longer feel a passionate bond with their loved ones, they may become avoidant, mutinous, hot-headed, or downright abusive. Their most important relationships can become fraught with instability, apathy, insecurity, or drama if they do not or are not able to periodically rekindle the initial flame of attraction. One way to avoid being burned by an Aries is to allow them multiple fiery outlets, whether that means more friends, more partners, more hobbies, or more space in general. Simply trying to satisfy them oneself is not possible, nor is it going to afford them the breathing room they need to burn freely without burning anyone. 

When they are at their best, they can provide just the right amount of warmth, inspiration, and encouragement for everyone and everything in their lives. When you really need an ally, seek out the most powerful warrior in the Zodiac. 

Social Life / Society

In professional and social life, Aries signs are often the loudest and most lively people at the party. And just about every social gathering becomes a party in their company. Their expressive nature is not tempered in public. If anything, the public eye fuels their flame. Their public presence is commanding, amusing, and even domineering, disruptive, or inappropriate at times. 

Because of their demeanor, they have a reputation as bullies, jocks, trolls, bigots, rebels, and tyrants in various social contexts. Although bullies, jocks, trolls, bigots, and tyrants are what Aries signs can look like if they have not learned how to handle being challenged or exposed to other viewpoints, rebels are sometimes needed to critique and overthrow bad social systems. Their potential for oppression and intolerance is precisely the kind of direction that is needed to rebel against other oppressive and intolerant forces. We cannot simply ask oppressors to stop oppressing, and we cannot simply tolerate intolerance out of existence. Some say that you cannot fight fire with fire, but you can fight fighting with fighting. The only issue is… that means Aries will probably be fighting on both sides. Let Aries do the fighting, and let other signs do the rebuilding. 

An Aries dares to speak out and act out against what they see to be less than ideal, whether independently or socially. When they see a problem, they will not be silent; they will express their frustration, whether in a more nuanced, critical, and dynamic fashion, or merely in a venting, judgemental, scathing kind of way. As lifelong idealists, they’ve collected a vast host of opinions, and they’re not afraid to argue with others over them when they get the chance. This does not make them closed-minded; far from it, they actually want to improve their arguments by sharpening them against others. Ideally, their competitive nature ought to lead them to be confronted and challenged by various viewpoints that they can overcome, making their position stronger, and strengthening their bond with worthy competitors.

Needless to say, they are ambitious, innovative, hardworking, and driven in their work life, career, and hobbies. They make courageous heroes, athletes, and leaders; and also enrapturing entertainers, comedians, and artists. But with all of these gifts come the dangers of boldness in recklessness. These courageous heroes can turn cowardly villains, oppressive tyrants, copious workaholics, scathing critics, intolerant extremists, overblown reactionaries, and incessant agitators too. Every Aries must learn how to transform their raw power into pure motivation, which can be used to project themselves and others into the kind of world that everyone would desire to be part of.

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Courage is the Primary Virtue of Aries, the result of the Fire Element and Power Motive. The Primal Vices of Aries are Cowardice, Recklessness, and Apathy (Brutal). 

In the interest of memorization, as well as giving clear definitions to all of the signs, we will explore them in the form of modern myths. Many of these will have a similar form and structure to ancient ones, perhaps even be derived directly from them, but hopefully, a touch of contemporary relevance will be of assistance to aspiring astrology students!

We begin with Aries, embodied in the character of Atreyu from The Never Ending Story. He is the archetypical ‘brave’, a young warrior who accepts the responsibility on behalf of his people to go forth on a quest. Though the goal is vague, with no clear destination or objective, and his weapons are stripped from him, he courageously sallies out with his trusty horse companion. Unaware of the full extent of the power of the enemy he will be facing, he proceeds with optimism and naivety, even as losses and humblings take their toll on his resolve. He enlists friends and supporters along the way, who try to update his ignorance with what information they know about the task at hand. 

They admire his audacity but ultimately consider him foolish, unable or unwilling to take on such a personal risk themselves. They’re dubious about his chances, but at the same time, desperate for him to succeed. He excels in the direct fights he is confronted with, but the veiled nature of the solution eludes him and ultimately breaks his spirit. In his hour of defeat, he is revealed to be the heroic persona of a real human child, living vicariously through his adventure experience and coming to terms with his own cowardice. The revelation of their connection is what ultimately makes the world of Fantasia whole again; that the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of humankind become manifest in the fantasy realm of imagination. 

By undergoing this trial, Bastian, who is himself a Cancer, is able to observe the virtue of Courage as it lives in an Aries, and then apply it to his own life in the form of Audacity as he stands up to the bullies who plague him. He takes ownership of his situation, and stops running away from his problems: the action which he takes in the beginning of the movie and sets the whole series of events into motion. Though it is evident he has struggled with being an outsider his whole life, preferring his own fantasies to school or social situations, his life has been recently thrust into chaos by the loss of his mom. Though we don’t know her sign, there is a strong suggestion from her hippie name, Moon Child, that she shares some lunar energy with him and that might explain why he is having a particularly hard time coming to terms with the loss not only of his own mother, but someone so similar to himself. 

Meanwhile, his father’s response to the pain has been to distance himself from it, aligning to a very opposite energy of strictness and regiment which can no longer be tempered by the nurturing free spirit of his late wife. In the absence of a father-figure he relates to or respects, Bastian idealizes and admires Atreyu as a horseman, and even has a sticker of a brave on his book bag, but is too afraid to take riding lessons himself. This dissonance is resolved through their quest, where the boy discovers he is braver than he thought, and can apply his own interests and talents creatively to his problems instead of hiding and growing resentful of the expectations placed upon him. In return, Bastion grants Serenity to Atreyu by naming the Empress and restoring peace to Fantasia.


Marsian Mission

Demilitarization, Physical Fitness, Law Enforcement

War… what is it good for? This inevitability of the human condition has plagued us since the beginning, and despite our best efforts shows no sign of dissipating. Is it a necessary evil? Is anger something to be diminished, subdued, and tamed, or is it part of what drives us to achievement and heroism? Why do we revel in war tales of Troy or D'Day, but recoil in horror towards the actual conditions of battle? Let’s assume that like everything, neither extreme is ideal and there might be a third way to explore. 


The challenge of Aries involves dissolving stockpiles hoarded by animosities of the past and figuring out the correct way to divert our need for policing. It's about how we reclaim the weapons to disarm on a very physical level; how do we sniff out landmines, how do we ethically round up guns and get them out of the hands of children, how do we pacify while still remaining dangerous enough ourselves to back up our policies? The classical text on that of course is the Art of War, which talks about how the mental discipline of knowing both the self and knowing the enemy in that sort of, chessboard strategic way can avoid conflict altogether or at least to minimize casualties. The Warriors Path has to do with aggression being the last resort and trying other methods for resolution first. The classic way of manifesting and dealing with that is to be a soldier, is to get involved in a very militaristic way or in martial arts. You climb the ranks and become a commanding officer, general or what have you, and then be in charge of people and try to apply that wisdom. A boxer, a fighter, a last samurai… there will always be tension in society between those who acquire these abilities during times of conflict and are then forced to pacify and adapt to civilian life again.


Fire when unchecked burns out of control, and the element is largely maligned as dangerous despite our absolute dependence on it to live. Anger as an emotion is very taboo, while other feelings like sadness are encouraged to be felt and dealt with, rage is not acceptable to even have. But mastery of fire is an arch and theme in our human story which is ongoing, and presuming that all we will do with it is discover new and exciting ways to blow ourselves up is as melodramatic as it is ignorant. It requires looking at only one side of the story and dismissing the entire life experience of the other, and opening up a new world of possibilities requires only that we become curious and listen. On the other side lies Courage, Authenticity, and Creativity, and we lay mines between us with extreme points of view.


Before you can go on a warpath, you first must be fit enough to march! Aries really has to do with readiness and the preparations physically. And our modern stance towards fitness forms the base of this entire topic. Much as we love to leverage technology to try and level the playing field and remove physical strength as a means to bully one another. The age-old animosity between the ‘nerds and jocks’ highlights this social tension, but this oversimplification is to our peril because fitness is so much more than mere muscle or brute strength. We need to take a careful look at the mentality that it's creating and the kind of toxic body image that it's perpetuating. It is easy to satire, as is masterfully portrayed in the movie Dodgeball, but in truth our reductionist binaries are creating chasms of inaccessibility. We need to remove barriers to entry for just general disease prevention, physical therapy, and recovery, and acknowledge the mind-body connection instead of driving our mental and biological needs apart. 


I’m very open to being corrected, but to my knowledge there has never been a time or place where policing was notably fair or effective. Though there are peaceful intervals or tight knit communities where intervention is rarely necessary, I don’t think that is credited to the law enforcement strategy, but instead to an environment where people are afforded basic human dignity and their needs are met. It would be wonderful if police intervention could be minimized, but for the sake of argument it would be better to find out how to improve it in the meantime and focus on a trajectory of quality increase rather than fixating on abolishing it outright.


When police are embedded in the communities they serve, great things can happen. Not only in reducing crime, but showing care and attention. If the only types of this we condone are nurturing, empathetic, and compassionate; we run the risk of alienating those who are not already in that energy. Things must evolve, unfold, and be transmuted from their point of origin, and thus we must first accept them exactly as they are. When people are truly struggling, the only story that will ring true is one that follows the rhythm of their own, to show that they can overcome what they are dealing with in a living example. To vilify the soldier deputized to maintain peace… what message does that send an archetypically aspiring warrior, aka. gangster? That both the ends and means are wrong? That their values, aspirations, achievements are fundamentally wrong? Thus that they, at the core of their being, are wrong. But they aren’t, in a different context they might be heroes.

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