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The Sign of the Serpent Handler


The Ophiuchus or Serpentarius constellation represents the transmutation of venom into truth. Ophiuchus signs are dignified, intriguing, and receptive, yet anchored to themselves, having what it takes to handle snakes.


Like serpents slithering through the undergrowth, they navigate the realms of the seen and unseen, delving into the depths of the human psyche and the mysteries of existence.

The 10 Days of Ophiuchus range from Thanksgiving through the end of November. 

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Wood Sign

Ophiuchus, the 3rd and final Wood sign in the Zodiac, embodies the serpentine nature of vines and jungle weeds. Just as vines spiral and wrap around trees, Serpentarians can navigate the twists and turns of life with grace. They’re in tune with the wild and untamed energies of nature, understanding that beneath the apparent chaos lies a hidden order waiting to be unraveled.

They’re like skilled magicians, harnessing the potent energies around them. Their intuitive understanding of the interconnections between all living things allows them to tap into the primal forces of the natural world, redirecting those chaotic energies into something constructive and purposeful. 

Like the vines that embrace and climb, Ophiuchus signs have a shamanic drive to nurture and support growth, both within themselves and in others. Their presence is transformative, and they can inspire others to break free from limitations to embrace their true potential.

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Truth Sign

Ophiuchus is the 2nd Truth sign in the Zodiac. The celestial serpent-bearer invites us into the realm of deep revelation and transformative understanding. Ophiuchus signs instinctively quest after truth, seeking to unravel the mysteries of existence. 

Serpentarians’ penetrating gaze pierces through illusions and falsehoods, seeing beyond the surface to grasp the profundities that lie beneath. Like a sudden Epiphany, they bring clarity and insight into their lives and into the lives of those around them. The truths they find may be uncomfortable at times, but they face them with a desire for integration and growth. Through their unwavering commitment to truth, Ophiuchus signs invite everyone to embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with them. 

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Personal Life / Personality

Those born under the Ophiuchus constellation between Scorpio and Sagittarius tend to have an aura of humility about them. They tend to sit back and observe their surroundings, leaving a calm and enigmatic impression, adding to their magical or shamanic allure. 

They tend to be quite shy, deep into their own thoughts. Those thoughts might too often remain unknown to others, and their presence may go unnoticed. They might often seem as though they’re holding in secrets, and it’s quite possible that they are, but these may be secrets of the cosmos, of their fascinating and curious perspective. 

  • Elegant

Interpersonal Life / Relationships

Due, in part, to their personal elusiveness, Serpentarians tend to be incredibly supportive of others. They can go out of their way to be kind, thoughtful, and considerate, always ready to lend a listening ear and to offer their help. And because of the genuine depth of their perspective, their help and advise tends to really help.

Ophiuchus signs are responsible and steady in their interactions, providing a comforting presence to those around them. However, their elusive nature and occasional bouts of withdrawal can make them appear detached or isolated at times. If they remain detached or isolated for two long, they may become depressed and overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts, as their immense inner world may become too much for them. Nonetheless, their captivating way of engaging with people usually leaves a lasting impression, incentivizing friends and acquaintences to come back for more.

  • understanding, accommodating, polite, 

  • cold, provocative, 

Social Life / Society

Ophiuchus signs bring a unique blend of qualities to the social sphere. Their mysterious aura adds an air of intrigue, making them captivating individuals in social circles. Their intriguing character draws others in, as they tend to gain a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share. 

They have a shamanic quality about them, delving into the realms of spirituality and mysticism with ease. They are reliable and devoted, potentially becoming workaholics in their pursuit of meaning. They’re disciplined and intelligent, always seeking to deepen their understanding of the world.

However, their seriousness and occasional attraction to escapism may lead to indecisiveness and an indirect approach to social situations. 


Disciplined, intelligent, discerning, intriguing, interesting, shamanic, reliable, deep, thorough, convincing,

  • Workaholic, serious, escapist, indecisive, indirect, mysterious, 

Archetypal Story of Ophiuchus

Big Fish: Will Bloom has a strained relationship with his father. His whole life his dad had spun happening into tall tales, and flamboyant exaggerations of what actually happened. It is customary for parents to tell embarrassing stories about their kids when they graduate, get married, or any opportunity they get really, but Will takes this so personally at his own wedding during the millionth retelling of the ‘Big Fish’ tale about his birth that he stops talking to his father. Fast forward three years, and Ed Bloom has cancer. Will and his wife travel to see him in what are deemed to be the last few days of his life, perhaps in an attempt to make peace. But Will’s cynical nature and dogged dedication to what he deems to be the ‘truth’ strain the process.

For some reason, Will selfishly internalized his father’s stories as some sort of willful and malicious conspiracy to deceive him, and instead of seeing the whimsy in them or enjoying the performance as much as everyone else does, he regards the ‘lies’ as a form of personal betrayal and feels the need to shame anyone who ‘believes’ them. Despite everyone around demonstrating that they are perfectly capable of separating fact from fiction, and can take the tall tales at face value as Ed’s medium of self expression, even his own wife, Will remains a stubborn hold out in his own miserable self righteousness. He is grappling with her pregnancy and what it will mean to him to become a father, why he feels somehow that Ed has been a bad father to him and what he will do differently. But instead of just talking to the man, he goes on an investigative mission to uncover tangible evidence of the tales he was told as a child.

Unsurprisingly, they keep presenting themselves willingly. Documents, letters, and witnesses corroborate the meat and bones of what Ed had stated, with the embellishments consistently being obvious and understandable, such as his flourish about a pair of conjoined twins turning out to be normal identical twins who are ‘inseparable’. Because his father was frequently away on long trips, Will constructed a whole narrative in his head about him having an affair and a whole second family he liked more and snuck off to visit. Unable to accept that his Sagittarius dad simply had a social and philanthropic nature, and that his parents were securely attached enough for each to be their authentic selves without conforming to his contemporary definition of what an ideal marriage should look like, he tracks down a woman from the tale about ‘Spectre’ and confronts her about his infidelity. It turns out his father did have a second life; as the patron and preserver of the historical town, and all of the steps his dad took to pay back and take care of the people who had supported him in his early life. 

The revelation comes too late, as he gets back home to find his father has had a stroke, and the end is near. He rushes to the hospital and offers to stay the night, and of course is present for the very end where his dad asks him to tell the one story he never relayed: how he dies. Ed supposedly has known this since he was a boy, having learned it by looking into the glass eye of a witch on the edge of town, and now tests his son to see if he can tell a story ‘right’. Will yarns an elaborate escape from the hospital, and heartfelt sendoff attended by all of his friends by the river. He wades in carrying his father, and bids farewell to the old man who transforms into a big fish. They share a bond of mutual Respect as he passes on, and Will finally learns what his father meant when he emphasized ‘not killing the fish.’ He didn’t force Will to be like him, or scold him for being different. All his life he strived to leave as rich a legacy as possible, for other people to do with what they would, including his child. It was important to him that the fist be available, which Will as Ophichus integrates in the end with his own son by retaining his Scorpio-leaning sense of Purity but acknowledging that Truth is not a moralistic absolute meant to be lorded over others. Embracing the quality of Change, he supports him in imaginative play with a healthy dose of possibility. “Sure, more or less!”

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