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Rite of Refreshment

We call upon the spirits of Aqua, the conduit between all things from the lifeblood in our veins to the rivers and watersheds which enervate the earth. As the moon pulls the tide, so too our wellspring of mana responds emphatically with the energies acting upon us, and grants us intuition and guidance in navigating the flow of life.  We ask for calm and serenity as we ride the waves of change, washing over us and forming us through our reactions.  May they be well tempered and in alignment with our highest good, and may that inner peace create a space around us for blessings to be invited into. 


Aqua, sooth us, refresh us, fulfill us.

Prayer of Presence

We call upon the spirits of Zephyr, the breath that uplifts and propels us to new heights with grace and ease.  Just as the atmosphere swirls and delivers the life giving oxygen to our planet, our breath draws it inward charging our metabolisms and activating the processes that we use to make energy.  We ask that the exchange of thoughts, words, and laughter flows between us as naturally as a breeze, and the light touch of what is right and good for us smooths away the sweat and strain of misplaced effort.  May our voices lift with joy, our aspirations be lofty, our expressions full of honesty, and the words that we select be truthful, useful, and kind.


Zephyr, inspire us, quicken us, convey us.


Sacrifice of Sentiment

We call upon the spirits of Ignis, the energy that courses through our being and sparks our imagination to curiosity.  As the heat stirs us to move and be engaged with the world, so too our passion drives us to search and explore all that creation has to offer with bravery and resolve.  The excitement of potential sings out from every electron cloud, and we have a sense of all that could be from the fire in our hearts.  We ask for vitality and resonance to give meaning and direction to all that we do, in shaping our bright futures with an affirmative love of life.  May our sentiments be warm and welcoming, with a spirit of good will towards one another and a deep sense of belonging and community driving us to cocreate our shared dreams and visions.


Ignis, excite us, embolden  us, vivify us.

Chant of Crystallization

We call upon the spirits of Terra, the structure which upholds all things and allows diverse forms most beautiful to hang from it’s scaffolding.  Just as roots buried deeply underground gives rise to trees mighty and strong, our spines support flesh and give form to our vessels so that we might go boldly out into the world and do mighty things.  We ask for stability and fortitude from the branching structures of the unseen fractals shaping our world and the physical laws which govern our endlessly serious play.  May our actions be backed by integrity and wishes for abundance and well being for all life, and may that wholeness branch outward and lend its enrichment to the world. 


Terra, sustain us, support us, protect us.

Broken Trunk
White Background

Practicing Right Relation

The purpose of the elemental rituals is to provide a framework for us to learn how to transmute the energies which we are working through as a group.  In ancient alchemy, transmutation was a methodology for empowering an individual to control their inner world and state of being by recognizing imbalances of one type of energy over another and taking steps to re-calibrate and bring that state back into balance.  The cyclical nature of ‘solve et coagula’, separating and recombining, is a symbolic way of interpreting the processes of the psyche and gaining a greater understanding of what is within our power to control or change.  A catalyst will usually be employed to set the pace of the chemical reaction, and we achieve this in our rituals through the setting of intention with the opening statements. 


"Character is simply habit long continued."


As you set goals, a colorful and fun way to keep track of incremental progress is to use crystals! Visual reminders can be very powerful for holding yourself accountable and making even abstract aims feel real. By using the four elements as a theme and focus, it can also help you to gauge which areas of your life may not be getting the same share of attention, or where extra help may be needed in breaking larger undertakings down into manageable pieces.

If you can figure out what the minimum viable unit of any given habit you are trying to build is, be it reading for just 5 minutes, putting on sneakers and stretching, or taking time to unplug and sit quietly, the battle is already won! By simply showing up to do it, you massively increase the chance that you will follow through and willingly do more of that thing than you felt minimally compelled to, instead of setting too lofty a goal and getting burnt our or demotivated.

Crystal Salt
Graphic Spiral

Symbolism for Sense Making

It is in moments of clarity provided by the four modes of happiness: Rapture, Bliss, Flow, and Joy, that we can achieve true objectivity on what is really important and what we can do to expand those happy feelings within our lives.  You cannot force it, or choose to be happy, as with all of creation the elements manifest in particular ratios that make certain conditions possible.  When the conditions are right, happiness blossoms. We can take careful note of what led up to that feeling and pay attention to the synchronicities in life that indicate those conditions might be met, some of them are very intuitive and obvious such as taking good care of our bodies, hearts, and minds.  Some are more complex, like surrounding ourselves with beauty, spending time in nature, and removing toxic or negative influences where we can.  But rather than trying to manage and dictate our circumstances, the most sure way to cultivate more happiness is to simply listen. Ask. Turn a curious eye toward the world, it is incredible the kind of inconveniences a child will endure while in the throws of creative play.  At any other time, a cup being the wrong color, a bandaid at the wrong angle or a gram too much sugar can bring the entire ride to a screeching halt. But when playing, the hours fly by like moments, sand castle kingdoms rise and fall, and alliances that last a lifetime can be forged. And these things are no less valid than the seemingly world shattering power plays being made by adults. 

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