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Gift of Virtue Clarity Deck is an original oracle deck, researched, designed, and shipped directly by us at Studio Pandemonia!

Have you ever gotten a gift so good that you smile every time you think about it? Maybe it was just the thing you needed at the time. A surprise out of nowhere that replaced something you recently lost...

Or a sign from someone that you didn't think ever noticed you at all? It turns out that they had been paying careful attention all along! And they even figured out your favorite thing.

We made each of the 12 zodiacs into 12 cardinal virtues, and got 144 unique virtues out of exchanges between every possible pairing of them. The zodiac adds structure and detail for accurate readings!

Gifts are our way of passing on our adaptations to one another. Our way of saying, 'let's get through this together! Maybe this will make your journey a little more pleasant.'

On each card is the name of the virtue, its axiom, and its definition. Also indicated on the card is the giving element and the receiving element. These are always the top to the bottom in the form of the mandalas we designed to best express each mode. Each card is a unique tone of color, depending on the signs exchanging.

For instance, Courage is the primary virtue of Aries. It shines through different aspects of life. For example, Ambition is a Courage of Vision, and Authenticity is a Courage of the Self.

The Gift of Virtue Clarity Deck

  • Refunds/Exchanges are available within 30 days of item receipt. If there is an issue with delivery or you do not receive the item, please contact us immediately so we can investigate! You are welcome to take advantage of the buyer protections provided through Etsy if you prefer.

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