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This is an original deck, researched and designed by Calley Smith, and shipped directly by us at Studio Pandemonia!

All my life, I have been inspired by the stars. As a girl scout standing out under a starry sky, my companions huddled around a constellation guidebook with a flashlight. They were excitedly pointing and calling out every match they could find, arguing about the resemblance of the shapes to the animals they were supposed to represent. There was something magical about the activity. Lost in the moment doing the same thing our ancestors did thousands of years ago. And it occurred to me now looking back, that the act of trying to attribute patterns in our environment this way somehow helps to make sense of and put order to our own inner world.

We use storytelling to keep track of the chaos and forge meaning in the midst of what might seem like random happenstance. Regardless of its technical merit or accuracy, the very act of engaging the brain this way might hold the key to keeping a steady course in life. Like the sailors of old, with only the stars to guide them, as long as we keep moving forward and keep true to who we really are, we can weather any storm!

This set is a fully standalone divination system, AND it can be easily integrated into your current tarot practice as a supplement with its elemental suit-based organization. Drawing a single card can weave an entire story, or you can combine it with traditional card sets for an even more detailed view!

This tarot-size oracle deck is 2.75" x 4.75" and consists of 81 cards, 4 elemental suits of 20 each, and an elemental guide card. The cards feature a beautiful glossy finish full-color cosmic art! Each deck comes with a soft-cover quick reference booklet with a detailed description of the meaning of each card. A searchable interactive EBook is also included with your purchase! It includes instruction on the unique mechanics of the divination system, in-depth explanations of the characters and their aphorisms, and 24 unique story outcomes for additional inspiration!

All of the card designs were hand drawn and watercolor painted before bringing them into Photoshop for some digital magic! This was a fun challenge for me to experiment with a more hybrid art style, I'm really happy with the result and I hope you like it too!

Stellar Fable Oracle Deck

  • Refunds/Exchanges are available within 30 days of item receipt. If there is an issue with delivery or you do not receive the item, please contact us immediately so we can investigate! You are welcome to take advantage of the buyer protections provided through Etsy if you prefer.

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