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This is our 4th original deck, designed by Joshua Kes, and shipped directly by us at Studio Pandemonia!

This tarot-size oracle deck is 2.75" x 4.75" and consists of 54 cards: 24 Zodiac Constellations (including Core and Cusp), 12 Planets/Celestials, 8 Elements/Compounds, 6 Modes, and 4 Info Cards. The cards feature a beautiful full-color glossy finish! Each deck comes with a soft-cover reference booklet with an overview of each card category and zodiac astrology in general. It includes an example of how to do a Star Chart reading, and other suggestions as to how it might be used with other decks.

A combo variation of the Zodiac Wheel Tarot Cloth included with an Astral Atlas Guide Deck is also available on this listing, discounting the price of the Tarot Cloth by 50%!

The Astral Atlas Guide Deck guides readers, astrologers, and general enthusiasts through Zodiac Astrology with 54 vibrant and educational cards! Packed with information directly on the cards for seamless integration into your practice, and backed by extensive research from a variety of disciplines including anthropology, astronomy, psychology, history, and linguistics to bring you a truly holistic reference. Includes detailed 33-page guide booklet. Your support for this project also feeds directly into a full-length guidebook we are working on to bring you even more information and depth!

Learn about the constellations, planets, elements, and modes with these colorful cards. Care has been taken in our design process to be consistent and memorable for optimal learning potential! In addition, we've also made some minor improvements to terminology, planetary rulership, and the unique addition of cusp signs to the system at large, hoping to add depth while also streamlining astrology for novices and experts alike.

For use in divination, our Guide Deck can be used to understand your own Star Chart, or that of a client, if you're a reader yourself. You may also use Planet and Constellation cards to highlight the current astronomic observations and alignments for every reading (for example, “Mercury in Capricorn,” “Pluto in Aquarius,” and so on).

Every card was digitally designed in Photoshop by Josh, with Constellation silhouettes drawn by Calley! This was the first deck fully designed by Joshua Kes, and our most successful Kickstarter to date.

Astral Atlas Guide Deck

  • Refunds/Exchanges are available within 30 days of item receipt. If there is an issue with delivery or you do not receive the item, please contact us immediately so we can investigate! You are welcome to take advantage of the buyer protections provided through Etsy if you prefer.

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